Some of you may already know that we’re participating in Intel’s Software Innovator Program. This has been a great experience so far, as it has helped us tremendously in many ways, including providing early access to Intel technical information, general help and advice with Intel’s broad portfolio of software and hardware, and sometimes even product samples!

Last week, I posted about a mysterious package that was dropped off by courier. As it turns out, the package was sent to me by the Intel Software Innovators program. Inside the box was another box and an envelope marked “Top Secret”. If you didn’t see the first part of this story already, please see the post here:

If you read the post, you’ll remember the envelope included this certificate:

Intel Software Innovator Certificate of Appreciation

To unlock the box, I needed to play an online game. By completing each of three levels, I’d reveal the clues needed to unlock the box. Here’s a look at the clue screen from the game’s first level, which was the easiest to unlock:

The first clue!

By this point, my family arrived and were not only curious to know what was in the box, but also wanted to play the game! So I had a bit of help in finishing the last two levels. Speaking of which, here’s an shot of the game while playing level 2:

Playing level 2 of the Innovator Scramble

Yes, I finished the game, unlocked the clues, and opened the box! I know that you’re curious to know what was inside. Here’s a picture of the contents:

The opened box!

There were a few things included in the box. I’m sworn to secrecy on some, but there’s one item of which I’m particularly proud. Here’s a photo:

Intel Software Innovator 2018 Top Innovator Award

I’ll share a bit more about what was in the box, and what I did to earn the award, in a future post. Stay tuned!

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