Products & Services

AVA™, the Animated Virtual Agent by CloudConstable, revolutionizes venue experiences by providing AI-powered visitor engagement. AVA™ stands out with her natural conversational interactions and friendly AI-powered digital personality. Air-touch technology ensures hygienic customer service and safe and fun access to digital content. Not only does AVA™ recognize gestures, but she also has voice recognition to provide accessibility for all. Customers can use AVA™ to host their own digital content and ingest venue-specific knowledge to best serve their visitors. AVA™ is versatile and can be deployed in various settings, such as museums, smart buildings, sports arenas, and healthcare. Intel® technology combined with Intel® OpenVINO™ acceleration of inference models on the edge equips AVA™ to sense and understand visitors, supporting natural interactions and delivering awesome, engaging digital content effortlessly. 

AVATM for Museums



Museums can innovate like never before using AVA! AVA’s virtual exhibit capability can be used to provide digital access to heritage content in an interactive and engaging way. With this feature, museums can create virtual collection books displaying precious artifacts and their history. In addition, AVA’s new virtual mapping program will guide users to virtually explore maps of key events throughout history, allowing users to visit prominent historical sights in the era that they occurred. Museums can also increase workplace efficiency through automation using AVA’s time-effective mechanism for staff and volunteer time reporting, as well as virtual concierge and docent features.



AVATM for Smart Buildings



AVA™ can turn any establishment into a Smart Building through her automation capabilities. AVA™ can be deployed as a virtual receptionist or security agent used for screening visitors, meeting check-ins, and providing secure access to buildings. Whether it is a university campus front-desk clerk or a corporate receptionist, AVA™ makes automation easy. For instance, AVA™ can provide guidance around a campus or even 2-way voice and video connections to a central human operator as a receptionist. No matter the environment, AVA™ can be customized to fulfill whatever role is required of her while providing a friendly face to visitors.



AVATM for Sports



Sports arenas, stadiums, and teams can deploy AVA to increase customer engagement and build an immediate and lasting fan memory. AVA can be completely customized through various character representations, outfits, and logos to help cheer on an arena’s home team! She can work as a concierge to assist customers with “Wayfinding” and virtual ticket check-ins. AVA can also drive revenue, as her virtual shopping capabilities enable merchandise or menu purchases from the AVA kiosk. 



AVATM for Healthcare



Combining state of the art A.I. technology such as facial recognition capabilities with a natural voice- and vision-based interface, AVA™ provides secure, touchless self service COVID-19 screening for high-traffic scenarios. AVA’s air-touch technology ensures hygienic screening assistance in order to bring visitors back to venues safely. Not only can healthcare establishments use AVA™ as a check-in agent for patients, but her contact tracing capabilities can be utilized to track outbreaks in emergency scenarios. In doing so, AVA™ promotes a positive safety climate wherever she is deployed.